Thermally & electrically conductive applications

As applications become more demanding, KONDUCT materials provide the means to improve thermal management and facilitate the design of more intricate components that would not be feasible with conventional techniques


With the constantly evolving demands of the automotive industry, there are growing trends towards enhanced reliability, component size and weight reduction, functional integration of parts, freedom of design and overall system cost reductions across all aspects of thermal management.  All of these areas can potentially be uplifted via the incorporation of thermally conductive polymers into new or existing designs.

Potential applications in this sector include LED light modules and frames, electronics packaging and various thermal management components throughout E-drive systems and battery technology.

Electrical & Lighting

With the miniaturisation of components and systems along with increasing heat/power densities, the control of thermal management is becoming of increasing importance in these sectors. It is often the case that such thermal management demands are required to go hand in hand with factors such as ease of manufacture, utilisation of complex geometries, electrical insulation and the possibility to incorporate multiple parts in a single operation. Thermally conductive polymers can play a huge part in achieving some or all of these.

Potential applications include LED heat sinks, electronics housings and frames, cooling systems in motors, heat sinks for electronic devices and thermal interfaces.

Thermally conductive plastics/polymers can find potential applications in thermal management challenges across many other industries such as telecommunications, aerospace/defence, battery technology etc.

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